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Quintessential Australian Living.

Vault lifestyle has delved into the stratosphere of Australian living, partnering with a collection of standout Australian brands.
Our Brands thrive off complementary foundations, to bring you; ethically sourced, Australian- designed sustainable lifestyle products of uncompromising quality.

At Vault Lifestyle, we know the search for that "perfect piece" is never over.
Our community of local designers and innovators is thriving. We are constantly seeking your perfect piece to house as a part of our hand-selected, creme de la creme of Australian lifestyle pieces.
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Vault Lifestyle is a collection of overflowing goodness, this is our collective DNA through the brands we house.

Striving for better | greater whole-body wellness | low maintenance and high quality embody class | tailor-made | eco-friendly | beautifully crafted earth-friendly | fashion-forward | inspired by art | culture and travel | natural origins | organic ingredients | 100% kind | ethically sourced | purposefully chosen | innovations | self-care | highest quality | ethically made | nourish-heal-glow | Australian made | hand-crafted | attention to detail.